For stability and safety

Unique steering

  • Limited steering angle (45°) – prevents sudden, sharp movements. DipDap is stable and safe to use.
  • Rubber covers on the steering mechanism protect children’s fingers from injuries.
  • Rubber handles for comfortable and secure grip.
Koka riteņa stūre
Grows with your child

Adjustable seat height

  • The seat height can be adjusted according to the child’s growth: ranging from 30-39cm or 35-43cm, depending on the model.
  • The screws ensure that the seat height adjustment can be easily done by the parent, while it remains securely in place and cannot be adjusted by the child.
DIP DAP skrejriteņa statīvs
Suitable for various surfaces

pneumatic tires

  • 10” or 12” tires (depending on the model) on durable metal discs with bearings – provide smooth rolling, good grip on surfaces, and shock absorption.
  • The tires have a valve and can be inflated with a regular bicycle pump or at any gas station.
DIP DAP skrejriteņa statīvs
Nature- and child-friendly materials

Coated with linseed oil, made of wood

  • The bicycle is made of wood – birch plywood. High-quality and durable design, made with the finest materials.
  • Coated with eco-friendly linseed oil, which is natural and provides a gentle touch to the child’s skin without any toxic effects.
The surface treated with linseed oil
Easy for the child to move

The bike has a
small weight

  • The DipDap MINI model weighs 3.2 kg, while the larger DipDap weighs 3.9 kg.
  • It is easy for the child to lift, move, and even carry the DipDap. This promotes independence, self-confidence, and provides freedom of movement.
Kids on DIP DAP bikes
Which model to choose for your child?

Model comparison

Childs age 1,5 to 4 years old
Seat height adjustable, from 30cm to 39cm
Tires 10” pneumatic rubber tires
with metal rims
Bikes weight 3,2 kg
Childs age 3 to 5 years old
Seat height adjustable, from 35cm to 43cm
Tires 12” pneumatic rubber tires
with metal rims
Bikes weight 3,9 kg

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