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Why assemble DipDap together with your child?

Kids on DIP DAP bikes

The assembly process promotes a child’s understanding of technology and fosters creative thinking. It provides an opportunity for the child to become familiar with different screws, components, and tools, as well as understand their interconnections and significance. When a child completes specific tasks and sees that their efforts lead to a positive outcome, they experience a sense of achievement and independence. This enhances the child’s confidence, trust in their abilities, and desire to learn and explore further. Moreover, engaging in this activity lays the foundation for cooperation and collaboration between the child and parents. Such a collaborative model fosters the development of the child’s social skills and teaches them the value of teamwork.

Please note that assembly should only be carried out by an adult, and when involving younger children in the process, the adult should closely supervise the child’s actions.

Therefore, assembling the scooter together with children is more than just a simple play. It is an educational process that promotes child development, emotional bonding, and quality time with the family. It is a moment when we not only assemble a bike but also build and strengthen our connections and relationships. The end result is a beautiful scooter and a heart filled with joy and pride ♥

At the same time, if a child has invested their effort in the assembly process of the bike and it has required patience – just like us adults, the child will value their newly acquired toy more. They will take better care of it, show more concern for it, and proudly be able to say that they assembled it with their own hands.


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