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Which stores can DipDap be purchased at?

View the list of stores here. In the search field, enter your location, and the nearest stores will be selected for you.

Why choose DipDap?

DipDap balance bikes are a proven value, with a decade of experience, great design, and durable construction that won’t disappoint. It’s no wonder that balance bikes (regardless of the brand) are often referred to as DipDaps in Latvia.

  • DipDap is made of birch plywood, combining high-quality materials with good design.
  • The surface is treated with a child-friendly and environmentally friendly material – linseed oil.
  • It is lightweight and adjustable to your child’s height with a changeable seat height.
  • The unique handlebar connection prevents finger injuries, and the limited handlebar turning angle provides additional stability and safety.
  • The balance bike features rubber pneumatic tires on metal rims with bearings, providing smooth rolling and excellent shock absorption.
  • The balance bike develops a sense of balance and coordination while preparing the child for riding a pedal bike. It is a safe way to teach young children how to ride a bike.
  • It fosters a child’s self-confidence and independence.
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Learn more about DipDap here.

From what age can a balance bike be used?

Practically from the moment when the child moves confidently and steadily on their own feet and their height allows for the lowest seat position (30cm from the ground). Based on our experience, this can be children starting from around 1.5 years old.
We offer two sizes of bicycles: DipDap Mini (for ages 1.5 – 3 years) and larger DipDap (for ages 3 – 5 years).

Please follow the Size guide to choose the most suitable bike size for your child. If you need assistance – feel free to contact us!

How to use DipDap balance bike?

The bike is pedal-free, which means that children develop all muscle groups very well while moving with it.

At first, the child moves by holding onto the handlebars and walking with the bike between their legs until they feel more confident. Then, they gradually try to sit down and start gliding, lifting their feet off the ground.

Depending on the child, learning to ride a balance bike can take very little time. The child does it intuitively, in a natural way, and they will be thrilled with the newfound ability to move around. In any case, it is a FUN and EASY process during which the child develops their skills.

What does it mean for parents?

You won’t have to bend over and strain your back pushing your little one from behind, urging them to pedal. It won’t cause any distress to the child if they can’t manage it right away. The balance bike is lightweight, and the child themselves will want to carry it if necessary.

If it starts raining during the summer, you won’t have to carry your child in one hand and the bike with its greasy chains in the other hand while rushing home. The child themselves will be able to move forward quickly with their own little legs, and you just have to try to keep up with them.

Why doesn't the balance bike have pedals?

The bike is designed for children who are not yet able to ride a regular bike and are still developing their sense of balance. Without pedals and additional training wheels, the child learns the sense of balance more quickly.

The DipDap balance bike will be a great aid in preparing your child for riding a pedal bike.

Can you ride the bike when it's raining outside?

Yes, you can ride the bike even when it’s raining, but after use, it’s recommended to wipe it dry with a cloth.

Do the products come with a warranty?

Our balance bikes and accessories come with a 2-year warranty.

During the warranty period, any damaged parts will be replaced free of charge. The customer is responsible for all delivery costs and customs fees. Please note that the warranty is valid under the condition that the product was used for its intended purpose and in accordance with the usage guidelines.

The warranty does not apply to the product in the following cases:

  • Damages resulting from falls or accidents
  • Components that are prone to wear and tear, such as bicycle tires
  • Damages caused by improper use, such as freestyling, tricks, or any other excessive load
  • Damages caused by improper or inadequate maintenance
  • Modifications made to the original structure of the bicycle or toy

If the products were purchased from our partner stores, the customer can choose to receive warranty services either at the store or directly from us.

Product information, care instructions

Can spare parts be purchased?

Yes, all spare parts for your DipDap bikes can be purchased in our online store.

Can the child's name be engraved on the frame?

Yes, it is possible to engrave any text of your choice on the frame of DIP DAP bikes, either on one side or both sides. Please note that engraving is available for specific DIP DAP models – please refer to the Classic modelSpring series or Motorcycle. On the selected product page, choose the desired engraving option: one side, both sides, or Name Day promotion*.

*During the Name Day promotion, we will engrave the name on both sides of the frame for the price of engraving on one side. The order must be placed at least 10 business days before the Name Day. The name must be written in the calendar and match the name listed in the calendar entry. The name can be in various forms.*

Please note that the engraving should be indicated at the time of selecting the product options. Once the order has been processed, it will not be possible to add the engraving!

Is the height of the balance bike adjustable?

Yes, the seat height is adjustable and can be adapted to the child’s height. For the DipDap MINI balance bike, the seat height can be adjusted from 30-39cm from the ground. As for the larger DipDap model, designed for children from 3 years old, the seat height is adjustable from 35-43cm from the ground. When adjusting the seat height, please ensure that the child’s feet can reach the ground with their full foot. It is recommended that the child’s legs are slightly bent, as this will provide more stability and security. The child will not be able to adjust the seat height themselves.

The balance bike doesn't have pedals? How does it work? How can it be stopped?

The child will move with the balance bike by pushing off the ground with their feet, propelling the bike forward. To stop, the child will use their feet as well. Please keep in mind that the balance bike is a toy and is not intended for use on public roads or near traffic. The balance bike should not be used near stairs, steep slopes, swimming pools, or other bodies of water. An adult should supervise the child while using the balance bike!

We believe it is extremely important to choose the appropriate size for your child’s bike. To ensure that your child has the best possible riding experience, we recommend following the size recommendations in our Size guide.

What safety accessories should my child definitely use when riding a balance bike?

Just like any cyclist, it is essential for the little DipDap rider to wear a helmet when riding the balance bike. We also recommend wearing closed-toe shoes during the ride and, if necessary, using safety guards.

What type of tires does the balance bike have?

All DIP DAP balance bikes come with pneumatic (or inflatable) tires, which provide better shock absorption and are suitable for various surfaces.

The MINI size DIP DAP bikes come with 10″ tires, while the larger bikes designed for children aged 3 and above have 12″ tires.

How to inflate the tires of a DIP DAP balance bike?

Tires can be inflated with a normal hand air pump using a 6mm nozzle (same as used for cars). You can also use the air compressors located in the gas tanks, but you have to be very careful not to let the air into the small wheel tires too quickly and not to over-inflate – there is a high possibility that the tire may explode. Max pressure – 2.4Bar.

What accessories and parts are compatible with our DipDap balance bike?

You can purchase various accessories available for our DIP DAP bikes that we produce.

For example, you can purchase accessories such as a bag or a portable strap. All accessories are compatible with all sizes of our balance bikes. We have also taken safety into consideration and offer the option to purchase bicycle helmets for the youngest riders along with the balance bike.

In addition to accessories, you can also purchase all spare parts for DIP DAP bicycles on our online store.

Is the balance bike certified and compliant with safety standards?
Yes, our DipDap balance bikes are certified according to European Union standards. They have CE certification in accordance with EN71 EU toy safety regulations.
Where are DipDap products manufactured?

DIP DAP is created by a family-owned company that was established in 2010 and manufactures its own brand of DIP DAP toys in its factory in Kuldīga, Latvia. We create wooden toys that are not only exciting and developmentally beneficial for children, but also have eco-friendly features that are beneficial for both children and nature.

Determining the size

Should I buy the large or small DipDap model for a 2-year-old?

We offer two sizes of bikes: DipDap Mini (for ages 1.5 – 3 years) and larger DipDap (for ages 3 – 4.5 years).
DipDap MINI is suitable for a 2-year-old. but we recommend considering if your child’s height already exceeds the specifications for the bike designed for ages 3 and above. The key criterion is the seat height from the ground. The “larger” bike has a lowest seat position of 35cm from the ground. When measuring your child’s inseam height, keep in mind that they will be sitting on the seat, and initially, when learning to ride, they will feel more stable if their legs are slightly bent and their full foot is on the ground!

Please refer to our Size guide Size Guide to choose the most suitable bike size for your child. If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Which size of DipDap balance bike should I choose?

We believe it is extremely important to choose the appropriate bike size for your child. To ensure the best riding experience for your child, we recommend referring to our Size guide.

What is the difference between DipDap MINI and the regular one?

The MINI size bike is proportionally smaller in size.

The MINI size bikes have 10″ tires, while the larger bikes designed for ages 3 and up have 12″ tires.

The main and most significant difference is the seat height. The seat height of the MINI size DipDap balance bike can be adjusted from 30-39cm from the ground, while the larger DipDap size, intended for ages 3 and up, has a seat height that can be adjusted from 35-43cm from the ground.

Please see the technical comparison of both models here:

Izmēra ceļveža bilde ar bērnu augumiem

Measure the length of the child's legs from the pelvis to the ground.

Choose the size according to the size chart.
Model Leg length to pelvis Age
DipDap 3 - 5 year olds 35 - 43 cm 3 - 5 year olds
DipDap MINI 30 - 39 cm 1.5 - 4 year olds

To ensure a safer riding experience for the child, it is recommended that their legs are slightly bent and that their full foot is firmly on the ground while seated on the bike. For taller two-year-olds, we recommend choosing the bigger DipDap.

If there are any uncertainties about the correct size - please feel free to contact us for assistance.

How to choose the right helmet size?

To determine the correct size, measure the circumference of the child’s head with a measuring tape at the widest part of the head, which is approximately above the eyebrows


Is delivery available outside of Latvia?

Yes, delivery outside of Latvia is possible. Please refer to the Delivery Information for details.

How soon will I receive my order?

After successful order confirmation and receipt of payment, we will deliver the product to you within 3-5 working days in Latvia if the selected item is in our warehouse. For international delivery, please contact us to confirm the estimated delivery time.

If there is an emergency situation and urgent delivery of the product is needed, please contact us, and we will try to find the best solution!

Please see the latest information on deliveries here.

What should I do if I receive a damaged/incorrect item or an item with damaged packaging?

Please fill out the product return form un contact us by sending photos of the damaged/incorrect items or packaging to [email protected].

Can I change or cancel my order?

Yes, the order can be canceled. If you need to change the order, please contact us.

Does the shipment have a tracking number?

As soon as the order is dispatched, the buyer is informed of the change in the order status via email, and the tracking number of the shipment is sent.

Balance bike assembly

Can the bicycle be ordered already assembled?

Yes, it is possible to receive the bicycle already assembled. To receive it in an assembled state, the buyer needs to choose the delivery method – courier (assembled bicycles cannot be placed in parcel lockers). Also, in the notes section, please mention – “I would like to receive it assembled.”.

Can the child participate in the bicycle assembly process?

We recommend involving the young rider in this process to turn the assembly into an exciting family activity. Please note that only adults should handle the assembly, and when involving younger children, the adult should closely supervise their actions.

Are additional tools needed for assembly?

All the necessary tools are included in the bike assembly kit, so you won’t need to purchase any additional tools to complete the assembly.

Are there instructional videos available on how to assemble the bicycle?

Yes, for your convenience, we have prepared short videos on how to assemble each part:

Are the assembly instructions available?

Yes, all the balance bikes are packed in boxes together with assembly instructions.

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