The best first balance bike

A unique toy that promotes child development. It provides freedom of movement, fosters self-confidence and independence. The balance bike has no pedals, which means that the child develops all muscle groups very well while using it. Dip Dap is the best first balance bike for your child, which will be a reliable and inseparable adventure companion.

Develops balance and coordination

The bike is designed for children who are not yet able to ride a bicycle. Without pedals and additional wheels, the child learns the sense of balance more quickly. The child uses the bike intuitively – initially holding onto the handlebars and walking with the bike between their legs, until they feel more confident – they try to sit on it, and their feet lift off the ground to start riding.

The child manages on their own strength

The small weight and specially designed design of the bike allow the child to easily move, lift, and even carry it on their own if necessary. It won’t cause any distress to the child if things don’t go well. This promotes their independence and builds self-confidence.

Ready for exciting adventures

Inflatable pneumatic tires provide smooth riding, good grip on surfaces, and excellent shock absorption. The child can explore the world on various types of surfaces.

Prepare for riding with a pedal bike

A safe way to teach a young child to ride a bicycle. Facilitates the transition to a pedal bike.

DipDap - a unique toy

Benefits for the child

Promotes child's self-confidence, develops balance and coordination. Discover all the benefits.
Relevant for parents

Why choose DipDap?

Have you thought about your child's safety? What materials are used? Is the product durable? Find out the answers.

Handcrafted - made with love

Each DipDap balance bike is handcrafted, carefully assembled, and tested to ensure excellent quality. We always strive to provide the best for children. We have been manufacturing DipDap balance bikes for over 10 years. Get inspired by other parents’ stories of their experiences here.

Stable and safe to use

DipDap balance bike features a unique steering mechanism that limits the turning angle, preventing sudden and sharp direction changes, and protecting the child from finger injuries. In addition, the air-filled pneumatic tires provide cushioning and excellent grip on various surfaces.

Child-friendly and nature-friendly.

Our wooden balance bike is made from high-quality and eco-friendly materials – birch plywood, coated with natural linseed oil. The balance bike is manufactured in Latvia, where we highly value our national treasure – forests.

Adjustable seat height

The bike has an adjustable seat height to easily accommodate the child’s growth. There are two models available for different age groups – larger DipDap for children aged 3-5 years and DipDap MINI for children aged 1.5-3 years.

Small weight, easy for the child

The weight of DipDap MINI is 3.2kg, while DipDap 3-5 years weighs 3.9kg. The weight of the bicycle is particularly important to ensure that the child can handle it easily on their own. If the child gets tired during the walk, it will be easy for the parent to carry it on the shoulder. You can purchase a bicycle strap in our online store.

Durable product

We use durable materials and a design that has been tested over the decades. You will be able to not only use the bicycle for your own children but also pass it on for the next rider. If needed, all spare parts can be purchased in our online store.

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