These privacy policy terms apply to the websites of SIA MGS FACTORY. By visiting and using the websites owned by SIA MGS FACTORY, you agree to these privacy protection terms for personal data.

Non-personal information

SIA MGS FACTORY collects statistical data about visitors and users of its website. These data do not contain personal information about the user and are collected for statistical purposes only. In certain cases, this website may collect information about the user’s computer used for browsing, such as the user’s IP address, computer system version, browser type, and similar information.

Personal information

SIA MGS FACTORY provides the opportunity for website visitors to register as users. When registering as a user, personal data such as name, email, phone number, and address must be provided. SIA MGS FACTORY uses this information to enable users to place orders, manage their transactions, and browse their history.

You have the right and the possibility to modify or delete all the entered data without further coordination. SIA MGS FACTORY may use the user’s personal data to communicate with the specific user, provide information on transaction progress, additional discounts, or new products and services.

Prior to any order and delivery of goods or services, SIA MGS FACTORY reserves the right to contact the user to verify the accuracy of the provided data.

Third parties

SIA MGS FACTORY does not disclose personal information to any third party without your consent unless required by law.


SIA MGS FACTORY is committed to collecting and storing your personal information in the most secure manner possible.


SIA MGS FACTORY reserves the right to supplement or modify this privacy policy without prior notice.